Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ted Ammon and Generosa Ammon

 A Few Notes on the Murder of Ted Ammon
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Ted ate dinner and went to a beach near his home. Then he made a phone call to his girlfriend. He said that he seen something that really scared him, and that he was heading back to his home. They someone followed him home and killed him. At the time Ted Ammon died , Pelosi was miles away. The defense and the prosecution did not agree on the time of death. At trial, Pelosi decided at the last minute to testify on his behalf.  He testified against the advice of his lawyer. People who attended the trial say that he was very controlled while on the stand. They saw him get angry a few times, but he tried his best to control the anger.

Relationship between Generosa and Pelosi
By all accounts Generosa adored Pelosi. Even though he did not speak well, and even though he was a lush with little education. She absolutely loved him to death. She did anything for him. She lavished him with money and clothes. She took care of him. And he took care of her. He loved her just as much, and he adored the children. After Ted Ammons' murder the stress and the pressure of both the murder investigation and Generosa's failing health took a huge toll on the marriage. So much so that she left Pelosi and moved bac to the mansion in the Hamptons. After Generosa's death the children did not want to stay with the nanny. They did not like her, and they felt that she did not like them. Generosa chose her beause she was a good disciplinarian with a good solid background. Danny did not have the proper background. He taped a conversation where he could be heard begging and crying to Generosa about the kids, but she was firm in her decision not to leave the kids in his care.

No one knows where Generosa was at the time of the murder. There was no eye witness, there was no smoking gun. The prosecution and the defense did not come up with an exact time of death. Pelosi, against the advice of his attorney, decided to testify. He lost his cool a couple of times on the stand. The jury reached a verdict after three days. Pelosi was in shock and crying softly when the guilty verdict was read. They jury believed that Peolosi either helped kill Ted ammons or he did it directly. Pelosi was convicted on second degree murder. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

What Happened to Ted Ammons' kids?
The Ammons children wanted to live with Daniel Pelosi who they loved and adored, but Generosa was not having it. He didn't have the proper background or education to care for the kids. She wanted someone who was strict with the kids and the nanny fit the bill. However, in the end the nanny had to give up the children. The kids ending up living with their aunt, Ted's sister. They had a good childhood with her. The nanny still lived in the home for a time after the murders. You can see some photos of the Ammon Hamptons Home here.

 The son eventually came to terms with the fact that Danny Pelosi did in fact kill his father. The last I read, he had gone to Los Angeles to try and produce movies. The daughter attends college up north.

The New York Post just did a follow up article on the twins. You can see a photo of them too. Turns out the son did go on to produce movies. He is doing a documentary that will follow them back to their Hamptons home.

The name of Greg Ammon's documentary is 59 Middle Lane

Questions Still Linger
No one has ever been able to pinpoint exactly where Generosa was at the time of her husband's murder. Pelosi was in shock when he was found guilty of the murder of Ted Ammons, but the jury was convinced that he had something to do with it. He is currently serving a 25 year to life sentence in prison for second degree murder.

Ted Ammon: the father and murdered exec
Generosa Ammon: the mother, the wife
Kaye Mayne: the nanny
Greg Ammon: the son also known as Gregory Ammon
Alexa Ammon: the daughter